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Dark Chocolate Macaroons

20 - 25 minutes 6

Delicious chewy, crunchy biscuity snack, and really easy to make!

Dark Chocolate Mousse

30 - 35 minutes 4

Really easy classic chocolate mousse recipe....

Cranble Top Picks - Advent Calendars

1st November

Its that time of year! The countdown to Christmas has begun. The warm weather has departed and the leaves are falling. Time to start thinking advent calendars....here are a some of our favs

Cranble Top Picks - Chocolate drinks

13th October

Tired of eating Chocolate yet? next step....start drinking it. We have a little sample of some amazing Chocolate drinks. After all, it is Chocolate week.

Chocolate Fondant Tart

25 - 30 minutes 4

Try this not so tricky pudding out! it's so delicious....

Cranble Top Picks - Chocolate snacks with a difference

11th October

As it is chocolate week, we thought that we would take a look at some chocolate snacks with a difference.

Cranble Top Picks - Chocolate week events

10th October

Its chocolate week! One our favourite times of the year. Looking for something a little different? and looking to scratch that Chocolate itch?

Jaffa Cake...Cake

15 - 20 minutes 6

This is most definitely a CAKE.....

Salted Caramel and Chocolate pots

5 - 15 minutes 4

Who doesn't love salted chocolate and caramel, try these super easy salted puds...

Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Croissants

15 - 20 minutes 6

Super easy way your make your shop bought croissants amazingly delicious....

Gooey Chocolate Fondants

15 - 20 minutes 4

Our absolute go to dessert, serve with vanilla ice cream....

Chocolate Sauce

10 - 15 minutes 4

Everybody loves chocolate, this sauce is so easy to make and super tasty, try this with our Churros recipe


30 - 45 minutes 5

This Spanish street food is an awesome alternative to doughnuts, serve with our chocolate sauce recipe

Simple chocolate tart

20 - 30 minutes 6

Really easy chocolate tart recipe mix, see my sweet pastry recipe for the tart case