4 Cheese Mac & Cheese

30 - 40 minutes 4

With smoked bacon and caramelised red onion....This is so easy to do and really cheap!

Baked Sweet Potato, Tomato and Chilli Salad

10 - 15 minutes 4

Delicious on its own as a veggie treat, equally as nice served with grilled meat...

Crispy Hen Eggs, Asparagus and tomato salsa

20 - 25 minutes 4

Really cool way to spin egg and soldiers! super easy and tasty

Chicken Parmo

15 - 20 minutes 2

Amazingly cheap chicken dish, serve with fries or a salad!

Fillet of beef Wellington

45 - 50 minutes 4

One of our all time faves....Perfect for the Christmas dinner table or a new years eve party!

Sous Vide Belly Pork & Black Pudding

900 - 900 minutes 6

Using the amazing Clifton at home water bath we were able to achieve a restaurant quality slow cooked belly pork...This might seem tricky but it's actually quite easy

Dark Chocolate Macaroons

20 - 25 minutes 6

Delicious chewy, crunchy biscuity snack, and really easy to make!

Dark Chocolate Mousse

30 - 35 minutes 4

Really easy classic chocolate mousse recipe....

Chicken Liver, Bacon and Pomegranate Salad

20 - 25 minutes 2

Delicious winter salad! pink livers and smoked bacon....enjoy with a nice Chianti

Christmas Dinner Pizza

45 - 50 minutes 6

For a bit of fun.. Make this on boxing day and use up any left over bits from your Christmas feast!

Slow Cooked Pork Rib Hotdogs

20 - 25 minutes 6

We cooked the ribs over night in the amazing Clifton at home water bath....these are blooming delicious.....

Massive Jammy Dodger

15 - 20 minutes 6

This is great for making with the kids...